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10-22-2002, 01:31 AM
I am gonna post a thread in market place but I will post it here as well...

As some know, I am making custom emblems and badges for cars, I can also do other cars as long as you know how to get the emblems off so you can send them to me to be customized for the same prices as the H's

Here is pricing for the eblems
H's - = $5 Pick up/meet up
H's - = $8 Shipped
*Custom Eblems = $10 Pick up/meet up
*Custom Eblems = $13 Shipped
**Custom Badges = $15 p.u/m.u and shipped
Additional (lxi, etc) = additional 1$ each when buying H's - $5 seperately done
*Will be polished brushed aluminum with choice of backround color
(for example I'm doing Yankee emblems for someone)
**Ideal for interior I.e. Dash, doors, etc. May cost more if excessivly large
(I, myself am doing a dragon for my dash)
Email me at CustomCarEmblems@Aol.Com
---Include your name, AIM name, what you want, and with what color you would like


***Colors available:
. Glossy Black
. Flat Black
. White
. Yellow
. Green
. Red
. Purple
. Orange
. Metallic Blue
. Metallic Black
. Brushed Aluminum

Other colors... I.e. neon colors, etc. are $1-$2 extra

All emblems are made from VERY high grade sheet metal used by professional contractors... they are rust proof, sprayed with high performance paint, and also clear coated to protect against harsh UV rays and daily driving


,~*`*~,~Custom Car Emblems~,~*`*~,
-Specializing in custom emblems and badges for your car-
-=Built strong to last longer than your car will=-