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Thread: 2nd & 3rd GEN ACCORD WEBER 32/36 & 38 HELP

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    3rd GEN ACCORD WEBER 32/36 Conversion

    Engine bay pic. I made this throttle cable connector so the cable would go slack and allow the throttle to close completely. Also easy to disconnect and reconnect without adjustment. I moved to the inner hole to better match the transmission cable action, shift points are identical to OEM. (Edit: Shift points are better than OEM)
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    Re: 3rd GEN ACCORD WEBER 32/36 Conversion

    Quote Originally Posted by swifty549 View Post
    I finished my Weber conversion, pretty cool! An easy job overall with a few snags. I machined a throttle cable mount and a swivel connector to avoid modifying the OEM cable and not use the included cable clamp. I switched the fuel inlet and had to fab a mounting for the safety return spring. I installed all new fuel hose and noticed the steel tube from at the firewall was 5/16" so I bought a fuel filter with 5/16" on both ends and avoided a step down hose coupler. After all that, a few cranks and it was purring like a kitten.

    Removing the old smog crap was cathartic and there is still more crap to remove but I need to know more about the fuel pump and electric choke systems, there is some kind of logic involved there that I don't want so screw up. See obligatory crap removed photo :-)
    Nice work! I always use the crescent shape cable guide off the OEM carb, modify it to bolt to weber throttle tab so to get full travel, no binding or strain or trimming on cable.

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    Re: 2nd & 3rd GEN ACCORD WEBER 32/36 & 38 HELP

    Looks pro!

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