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Thread: 88 lx flooding past half throttle

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    88 lx flooding past half throttle

    My 88 lx floods bad if I push the gas past half way while in gear. It start bogging down if I touch the gas. I have to pull over and let it set before it will run right again. It will do the same thing if it's parked and i start revving it up. But if I don't push it to hard it runs fine. And I also noticed today it'll do it if I just let it idle(let it run for about 15-20 min). My question is what would cause that? And do I need to have the carb rebuilt? Or could I get away with just fixing a certain thing?
    88 a20a1 5speed factory carb Thanks in advanced for any input!

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    Re: 88 lx flooding past half throttle

    Check your fuel pressure and float adjustment. It's possible the floats have wandered out of adjustment, but it's more likely that your needle valves are gone, which means it's rebuild time. Keep the AAA membership up-to-date, because the needle valves could leave you stranded at any time.

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