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Thread: 84 accord acceleration problem help!!!!

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    84 accord acceleration problem help!!!!

    I have a 1984 accord it starts and idles fine but while driving if I go over 4000rpms no matter what gear im in the car just falls on its face and it just boggs down it really sucks not being able to do over 40mph any help would be greatly appreciated! The car is 100% bone stock I recently purchased for $200 and I'm fairly new to the classic Honda scene

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    Re: 84 accord acceleration problem help!!!!

    Check that your catalytic converter isn't plugged.

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    Re: 84 accord acceleration problem help!!!!

    I had face similar problem 2 times on my Honda Accord 1.6 carb.

    First time was the fuel pump. If itís getting old the fuel pump? It starts overheat - stuck some times and it doesnít provide enough fuel.
    If itís the fuel pump you can understand it easily. When you face this problem switch off the engine for 1 minute (to cool down the fuel pump), and then back switch on the engine. If then car is accelerating normally surpassing 3000-4000rpm easily, then for sure is a worn fuel pump which needs replacement.

    Second time I face the same problem (this time the case was constant, nothing changed if I switch off the engine for 1 minute), after checking every think with my mechanic, electric system, changed again the fuel pump Ėfuel filter and problem remains, I found that the problem was the carburetor.
    It needs a totally rebuild (not just cleaning) because all the carburetorís elastic parts needs replacement. Especially worn out carburetorís elastic O-rings cause vacuum leak, that make the car running reach and having lethargic acceleration not able to pass 3000rpm.

    So I believe the solution on your problem may be 1 of the 2 above.

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