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Thread: carb running to rich at idle

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    carb running to rich at idle

    I went to have my car smogged the other day and the mechanic told me that the car was running rich when it idles but when it's driven there is no problem. How do I fix this? The car runs great on the freeway and street as long as I don't come to a stop.

    I've been trying to find an answer for this problem. When the car is warmed up and is in gear the idle drops when I step on the brake at a signal and the car feels like it's going to die. I have turned up the idle with the throttle stop screw and the car seems to run better but the problem is when I start the car in the morning the problem starts all over again. Of course I have continued to turn the throttle stop screw to compensate for the drop but all that does is the car runs hotter and then I have other issues that happen like overheating. I also noticed when the car is warmed up and the temp gauge goes up to about a 1/4 that when I put the car in park the idle will hang above 1000 rpms. Iv'e been adjusting the throttle stop up and down to try and compensate for the idle problem. I can't find any vacuum leaks and can't figure out what is wrong. Maybe someone else who's had this problem can help.

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    Re: carb running to rich at idle

    How many miles?

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    Re: carb running to rich at idle

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