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Thread: 32/36 Weber in my '87 Accord

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    32/36 Weber in my '87 Accord

    After attempting to rebuild my stock Keihin, I have decided to swap it for a Weber after much reading and debate. I found a kit on Ebay and am able to purchase it. However, before I do, is there anything else I need to know/do/buy?

    I have an automatic transmission and am aware that I might need to modify some things in order to use the kick down cable. Has anyone done this? If so, can you share how you did it and what you used? Thanks!

    Edit: I did do some reading in this forum. Unfortunately, some of the advice, links, and photos are outdated. So I'm really just looking for updated information.

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    Re: 32/36 Weber in my '87 Accord

    Find out where your TV (kickdown is not what this does exclusively) connects, is it up st the carb or down at the gas pedal. Then I can help.

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    Re: 32/36 Weber in my '87 Accord

    I did it on an auto. I used the throttle body linkage off a fuel injected car. I think it was one from the Accords that had the dual stage runners but cannot remember for sure. Basically it has two places to mount cables. The gas pedal cable pulls and in turn pulls the kickdown cable.

    I wish I could remember where that linkage came from and I guess that doesnt help much, but it's what I did and it works well once you get the cables set good.
    Sorry the pic is huge but I wanted it that way so you could see what I mean =P
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