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Thread: Thinking of making the 88 the daily business car again.

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    Re: Thinking of making the 88 the daily business car again.

    Find some cheap rims to fit Firestone Indy 500's. Amazing and cheap tires.

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    Re: Thinking of making the 88 the daily business car again.

    Quote Originally Posted by AC439 View Post
    My God ! Those are at least $120 a piece !
    Only reason is because the SCCA and autocross guys use them so they jack the price up knowing they can get away with it.
    They are awesome tires though so worth the price imo.

    I was thinking of getting some and keeping the steelies but then I found a 4 piston caliper kit and they require a 15" wheel minimum.
    Originally posted by Shady_Pro:

    ya piggy backing our ecu's is like putting webbers on your lude....useless!...

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    Re: Thinking of making the 88 the daily business car again.

    I daily drive my oldies in the spring thru fall or early winter if there is a warm spell just because I live where winters are nasty and salt is used in insane amounts especially this winter. And I love being connected to the car. My winter daily is a 6th gen Accord and it's heading slowly to the classic car world being 20 years old (I know, it doesn't even feel like it, growing up I remember when these were new or at least a few years old and I did like their looks) but compared to my oldies it's not that fun. And the electronics when starting it up tells the car to idle at start up in -20 temps at 2,000 rpm but with my oldies I have to keep them alive myself, listening for the fuel pump engaging, pumping on the carb'd one in cycles attempting to start. And all these new cars I just hate them. I can't stand them. They are making people disconnected from the road and the car and make driving less pleasurable. They are super slow in traffic, holding us all up that want to GO because the driver is too distracted with the electronic gadgets, while I would zip by in my classy 2g or 3g. I agree, the 3g Accord handles better than the previous or newer Accords with the exception of the CB7 Accord. The 3g is the Accord equivalent to the 4g Civic.

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