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Thread: Tricky no start situation on a 1984 Honda accord

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    Tricky no start situation on a 1984 Honda accord

    Hi everyone! I'm relatively new to joining forums though I've been taking advice from them for years. I've got this really tricky issue with my Honda accord and I just can't seem to locate the root of the problem. Sometimes the car will run fine and I'll be convinced that whatever recent repairs I've made had done the trick, but then I go to start my car after getting off work and the worst of the symptoms have returned. I know you're all anxious to know what's going on, so here it is.
    I'll pump a little gas into the carb and start the engine and *surprise* it starts right up. But moments later my rpms drop all the way down and the engine dies, as if suddenly it's run out of fuel. I'll attempt to restart it to no avail, it just keeps cranking. I've replaced all the plug wires, all the spark plugs, the ignition coil, inspected and cleaned all electrical connections within the distributor, replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter, vacuum tested the choke circuit, and still can't figure this thing out. I'm currently writing this post from inside the car at night hoping that it'll somehow get me home! Because sometimes after sitting for a while if I attempt to restart it after all the failed attempts it will just start right up. Any pointers would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    Re: Tricky no start situation on a 1984 Honda accord

    Well in case anyone was curious, I figured it out. After replacing the fuel filter right before the carburetor I ran into the same situation but this time I noticed my fuel pump wasnt engaging regularly. This was because my fuel pump regulator relay was getting progressively worse and worse at it's job. This is a $75 dollar part and after diagnosing it according to the shop manual the thing was toast. Rather than buying a new one I made a jumper wire and connected it between the first and second leads of the would-be relay. Those two leads are ignition power and the output to the fuel pump. See what I did there? I bypassed the relay and supplied constant 12v to the fuel pump when the ignition switch is turned on. After some needed idle adjustment the thing runs better than I've ever experienced it. Useful stuff here in case anyone is looking.

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    Re: Tricky no start situation on a 1984 Honda accord

    The relay needs to be replaced. You are going to catch your car on fire.

    Relay Applications
    They are used to time the delay open and delay close of contacts. Relays are used to control high voltage circuits with the help of low voltage signals. Similarly they are used to control high current circuits with the help of low current signals. They are also used as protective relays.

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