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Thread: 87 honda accord vaccume test numbers

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    87 honda accord vaccume test numbers

    Does anybody know what the vaccume should read for different vaccume lines. Car is a 87 (with 89 tran) honda accord dx. Rebuilt carb. Ive hooked up a vaccume tester non pump style. Some are 0 others are stedy and some fluctuate. Ill get reading for different areas and add to post. Any details would be great. Ive checked vac lines on both sides of the distributor and thermovalve by thermostat and on drivers side area. Just not sure what is yhe correct reading. Witch ones should fluxuate and what ones move or should be at 0 or at 15-20.

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    Re: 87 honda accord vaccume test numbers

    That's not really how it works. Depending on operating conditions, the readings will change around. You'd need to research in the manual the component the lines are connected to and find out how they should work under various conditions.

    Basically, the gauge will tell you a lot of good into about the mechanical operation of your engine: valve seal, vacuum leaks, cam wear, etc.Beyond that it gets complicated real fast.

    Are you trying to research a specific symptom you're experiencing?

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