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Thread: Saw my old SE-i today - so depressing

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    Saw my old SE-i today - so depressing

    I sold the car about 5 years ago to a college kid for less, because I figured he had the best chance of keeping it in good shape. I had bought it in 2001 from the original owner at 88k, put another 150k on it. I put on Bilsteins (revalved at the factory twice until I got the rebound right with the Eibachs), Hella conversion, drove from CT to Montreal to score the very last SE-i specific bronze-tinted windscreen in the western hemisphere. If the car had been stored outdoors for more than 2 weeks total in its entire life I'd be surprised. The leather was perfect, the PO was diligent about conditioning it, and I spent $400 to repair the drivers seat bottom. It had expensive tires, and was just a very, very rare beastie. I ran out of garage space so regretfully let it go.

    Just saw it parked forlornly on the side of the road for sale, not by the kid I sold it to. It was well into the 3G death spiral. I couldn't believe the leather, in just 5 years. Massive splits. The paint, faded, scratched, dented. Wheel arches rust untouched.

    They want $1100 for it. Good luck. The car is now a piece of shit, and I feel like it's my fault somehow. I did try to sell it on here but no action. It's enough to break your heart.

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    Re: Saw my old SE-i today - so depressing

    Bummer to hear but there is always hope for just about any vehicle given the right owner. Heck, you could probly pick it up for $600 and start that process yourself. If I had space and moolah, I would work on snagging that up just for parts.
    Again, bummer to hear about this sadness

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    Re: Saw my old SE-i today - so depressing

    Thats unfortunate. I know a college kid won't be able to keep it out of the sun though, as I am a college kid. Wish I could add some SE-i parts to my LXi though.

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    Re: Saw my old SE-i today - so depressing

    So sorry to hear about that.

    I've been debating myself a lot about a similar situation - to keep or not to. I have not been able to spend the time on keeping up with the car due to my blooming business. I just cannot even think about how it will be treated after I pass it on. I thought about this forum, but you mentioned no action. Maybe some would take it as a parts car, but it runs and has A/C so I hate to see it being gut out. And I don't really like to find the next owner on the 3geez FB page. Sometimes, I feel like the car may be better off resting in a junk yard than being abused. Then junk yard probably won't want such as old car to take up a space..... so my debate goes on and on.

    I don't have an answer for my car so I'm still keeping it and driving it once a week.

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    Re: Saw my old SE-i today - so depressing

    Sorry Hal.

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