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Thread: Organizing a meet? We can help!

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    Organizing a meet? We can help!

    Welcome to the Meet section of 3Geez! Find out who else lives in your area, organize a get together, you can do it all here. Meets are a great way to build the 3geez sense of community, and enable us to put faces behind all of our screennames...not to mention being a fun way to take some time off!

    Also, we'll be more than happy to sticky a thread for any meet. However, it must be the official sign-in thread only. If you are just posting a thread to gauge reaction to a possible meet (which is necessary), it won't be marked important.

    It would be beneficial to your meet if the official sign-in thread contained all the info needed, such as time, directions and a way to contact each other. Once the official thread is stickied, the other thread(s) concerning it will be locked to avoid confusion.

    So, if you want an official sign-in thread for your meet to be marked important, then just PM me. Thanks!
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