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    quick question

    well i have 2 3geez and 1 4th gen the 4 gen is totaled (rear end) and i was wondering what parts i can take off it and use on my 88 lx-i. so far ive taken the fenders off the 90 ex and im gonna be taking the hood,lights,bumper,turn signals and im gonna swap it onto my 88 lx-i. i know ppl have said there gonna do it but fuk it since i have everything i need might as well. *ps i got the 90 for free and it only needed a axel and then i was rear ended * also if anyone needs an f22 engine i have one w/ 1008** miles there was smoke coming from it last time i turned it on but it was sitting for a couple months. hit me up

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    Re: quick question

    none of the parts will work. You could use it for a R&D parts car and see if things like the suspension bolt on to the 3g or something like that.
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