Well pics require a Photobucket account that doesn't go POOF in the middle of the night, so no pics I guess. Just think of a 15,000 mile oil change, black and gunky, and that's it. I keep thinking that I've changed all the hoses recently, but really, that was 10 years ago, so you could be right.

We used to make things here in America and we did so following American laws, health regulations, environmental restrictions and quality standards. Then somehow all our manufacturing and middle class jobs got sent to China, where "standards" translates to "gweilo sucker." Anyway, the quality of what China has been sending us is non-existent and toxicity is off-the-charts. I'm still unclear on how America's industrial base relocated to China in a short 40 years, but I suspect that a lot of people will be sent to the gallows for treason when the full story comes out.