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Thread: No more shaking when braking!

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    No more shaking when braking!

    Thank god it is finally gone. 2 days ago I put new rotors and pads on the front, seemed to help a little but didn't do the trick so I bought new shoes for the rear and put them on.

    Turns out my wheel cylinder was bad. Threw a new one in bled the brakes and the shake is gone, it finally stops like a "normal" car again! But I also swapped my throttle body hoping to get my idle down to 750 but now it's like 1500

    Idk what the deal is everything is hooked up right, I read a thread saying it might be the fast idle valve i'll try turning that all the way in and if that doesn't work got to swap my old one back in.
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    Re: No more shaking when braking!

    to get your idle speed down you need to clean idle valve. its filthy, not the throttle body.

    Good luck

    Its prttey fnuny how you can raed tihs eintre snetnece with all tehse ellters out of palce...

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