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Thread: Sunroof suddenly no longer working

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    Sunroof suddenly no longer working/ 35 amp. main fuse blown.

    Last year the sunroof of my 2gen Prelude was working perfectly fine,now at the first sunny day of this year,i want to open it and....nothing.No click,no clack, nothing.Is there a usual suspect ?I cant find a specific fuse for the sunroof,but all the fuses under the dashboard are fine.
    Do i get easily at the switch on the dash ? Can i pop it out or do i have to remove the whole dash and is that a big job or just a few screws to unbolt ?
    Someone a golden answer ?


    EDIT : After checking my (recently acquired) manual,(thank's again) ,I believe the relays are not working.Can someone tell me where those are still available,and if so,where can i buy them ?

    SOLVED : I found that the 35 Amp. main-fuse is broken,and of course no longer for sale at the carparts stores. Who can help me out with whether a main-fuse or a selling point where i can order them ?

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