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Thread: JDM RHD 1989 Honda Accord Aero Deck (irmo sc)

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    JDM RHD 1989 Honda Accord Aero Deck (irmo sc)

    Dealer ad, but where else are you going to find one stateside?

    JDM RHD 1989 Honda Accord Aero Deck 2.0si - $8450 (irmo sc)

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    Re: JDM RHD 1989 Honda Accord Aero Deck (irmo sc)

    On their company web site, there are more pictures and I can add some info;

    It has gone through 12 months maintenance (owners are legally obliged to do so in Japan) in April 2017 (from the green stickers on the windscreens).
    The expiry date of MOT (bi-annual car test) was April 2018 means that probably it was shipped out shortly after that.

    It has optional leather steering wheel, optional floor mat.
    I am not sure if this is JDM specific but it also has remote electric fold-able door mirrors.

    29th picture shows a sticker that reads its timing belt replacement was done on the 10th November in 'Heisei 18 year'(=2006) at 180,443Km (=112,122miles).

    Being 1989 model, it has later type bumpers and side protectors which EU market never saw.
    Original color of the wheel caps were silver in Japan so they have been painted.
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    Re: JDM RHD 1989 Honda Accord Aero Deck (irmo sc)

    If I were rich and an asshole I would buy this just for the motor then try like hell to find a Prelude hood with a bump....

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    Re: JDM RHD 1989 Honda Accord Aero Deck (irmo sc)

    Whoever buys this, should still replace the timing belt. Better be safe than sorry. 2006 =12 years ago. Rubber deteriorates with age no matter how many miles you drive it, rubber doesn't like the constant temp changes exposed to. Just sayin'.

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