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Thread: Can I delete the IACV (block off plate)?

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    Can I delete the IACV (block off plate)?

    My 89 sedan is having idle/stalling issues. I have cleaned my IACV and adjusted the FITV. I think the issues are IACV related, as I have been troubleshooting and seeing what has positive and negative impacts. So now my 88 coupe has a tiny little surge starting. I have read 3geez and hondatech posts until my eyes cross. I know it would have an impact (possible when Cool/warming up), but can I block off where the IACV bolts up? Has anyone done it?
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    Re: Can I delete the IACV (block off plate)?

    The IACV allows for a small, metered amount of air to enter the intake when the throttle plate is closed, thus keeping the engine from stalling every time you let off the gas. You're proposing to block off that air supply...

    Our IACVs do fail, but not very often. It's most likely that you have a vacuum leak. Get a can of carb cleaner or MAF cleaner and go find it. Also make sure your coolant level is not low. If it is low, you will have to fill AND BLEED the cooling system properly. If you still have trouble, post again and let us know what specific symptoms you're experiencing.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Can I delete the IACV (block off plate)?

    I have an 86' that had issues with mine. It would get hung up randomly sometimes stuck wide open so i blocked it off with a coke can/4 thinner orings between it and the intake. Fixed my idle issues after hunting and hunting. No amount of cleaning helped it no matter what I tried. Did this cheap fix at like 2am in the dark at work just trying to figure it out and been too lazy to buy another and install it.

    Fixed my issue FO' FREE.

    When you crank the car especially when it's cold out, you have to keep it alive yourself for the first few seconds since that piece is blocked off.

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