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Thread: Warm restart issue

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    Re: Warm restart issue

    I've checked the ECM it hasnt been throwing a code ever, running or not.

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    Re: Warm restart issue

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    Re: Warm restart issue

    Yeah, change the injectors. If they are dribbling into the manifold it will cause exactly what you're showing. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's why I ultimately replaced mine. It was flooding out on warm restarts. By morning all the gas has evaporated (or run down into the crankcase, doh), so you have a clean first start.

    The main relay almost a maintenance item at this point. Replace it just to be sure. Resoldering is a jury rig at best and won't work if the relays inside it are failing. It's a $50 part + 1 hour of profuse swearing under the dash, then you're done for another 50k miles or so.

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