I'm selling a fuel injected motor/5sp manual tranny/axels/wiring/ecu and shift linkage if needed

ALL for $100 buyer must pick up!!

I'm in Queens, N.Y.C. I will put in for $300 if you want

BUt just $ 100 Get you everything you need to do the swap and bolt on 25 horses and possibilities of many more gained through honda fuel injection!

This motor is from a 1986 accord lxi and has 125,236 miles on it Still has many left in it!

It recently had a tune up on it so you get new spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor! free!

well let me know i need to get rid of this stuff, i just bought this car to put my b16a setup in it from my old white hatch you guyz probably saw a bit back. I had it in a white accord hatch but the car is rotting out so i got a better body!

Anywayz hit me back if you are interested!!