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Thread: Best engine swap for a 1988 Honda Accord?

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    Question Best engine swap for a 1988 Honda Accord?

    Hey y'all! I've got a 1988 4d 5 speed gold Honda Accord. I've had the oil & its filter changed out, new air filter, cleaned throttle, new tires, new battery, starter wire, new spark plugs & their wires, but sometimes she still has some trouble starting. She'll also just idle weirdly. Either around 2k, but will go up to 3k & stay there, but will also drop to 1800. My mechanic says her carburetor is just bad, & since everything else is great I wanna keep her going as long as possible. Any suggestions for an engine swap?

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    Re: Best engine swap for a 1988 Honda Accord?

    What are your ultimate goals for the car?
    Looking for a daily driver, looking to go fast, looking to SUPER fast...?
    Originally posted by ShiRen:
    Nice car or not, nobody likes losing a race to an old 4 door Honda.

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