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Thread: B2K5 and F2K5 synchro kits?

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    B2K5 and F2K5 synchro kits?

    Hi All,

    You may remember me from such adventures as driving a crappy sludgebox in my 2G poolood a third way across Australia and eventually making it after a snapped alternator belt and crushed lower control arm bushing...

    I've been busy doing other things to my ride and after a recent trip to NZ to visit our resident JDM hoarders I obtained an accord 5spd transmission for my manual conversion.

    I have got the pedal box sorted, linkage kits and hopefully pulling a flywheel from an 88 prelude this weekend and also going to acquire a MFactory LSD... What I require now is to replace one single Synchro and I'm uncertain as to where I would obtain it.

    After inspecting the gears I have found that there is only really one synchro that is not gripping like it should and that's the 5th gear so I would like to ask your collective assistance in obtaining a replacement.

    Please help a brother out with part numbers and the like or even compatible synchros from other transmissions.



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    Re: B2K5 and F2K5 synchro kits?

    Around here, we have a store called Trans-Parts, Inc. They sell kits and parts to shops, mostly. I bought a Transtar kit from them for my last rebuild and it worked well. You can buy the gasket kit, or include syncros too. If it's possible to buy a single syncro, a place like that would be most likely to have them.

    Alternatively, a lot of rebuild shops have parts counters for the public. A lot of times they have old parts in the back too. About a decade ago I found a shop that gave me free rein in their junk parts room. It was like Christmas. They're gone now. :(

    As a last resort, you can run down to the junkyard and crack open cases until you find a good one. You'll crack open a lot of transmissions before finding something useful. You'll also learn a lot about the ways people destroy their cars.
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    Re: B2K5 and F2K5 synchro kits?

    Thanks so much for your response... I called a couple of "transmission places" here yesterday on my lunch break and they said "we don't do front wheel drives"... Fail.

    Anyway, i will keep scouring the net to see what I can find.

    Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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