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Thread: B20A flywheels same as B16A1 cable ??!?!

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    B20A flywheels same as B16A1 cable ??!?!

    My b20A that i bought came with a lightened flywheel and clutch. but the flywheels different from the ones i have seen...... it has a bigger center for a spiggot bearing and no little locating peg hole (and the peg has been ground off my b20a crankshaft too)

    i have had a feeling that b2k5 and f2k5 boxes might have been the same internally as Y1, S1, A1 and J1 B16 cable boxes and now this proves it must be true

    The engine has had a timing pointer added to the cam cover and a mark on the crank pulley also to set the timing!

    Pics later

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    Re: B20A flywheels same as B16A1 cable ??!?!


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