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Thread: I thought I had a winner but now I need a Transmission

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    I thought I had a winner but now I need a Transmission

    So last July I bought a 1985 Honda Accord LX with 145,XXX on it and I was Geeked! Interior great, Dash Great, Body Great, Engine Strong, Tranny Smooth and last Saturday (3/10/18) I lost my Speedometer.... Knowing how speedometer cables work I didn't think much of it... I called my mechanic buddies and explained what was going on and was told that the Speedo cable wouldn't affect the drive. Last night Thurs(3/15) I found after taking it to the shop that the speedometer gear was malfunctioning when it kicked out of the transmission...The mechanic was able to put it back in the transmission and got the speedometer back working. Today coming back from lunch I hear a BANG and when I parked the car tranny fluid poured out like a faucet. Looking in the transmission I find that something broke inside of the transmission and destroyed the top of the tranny where the speedometer gear goes.... Looked like a crazy hole up top.

    Long story short, trannys are hard to find for this vehicle and what once was a great little honda now looks like a problem. I may be looking to sell for parts.... Sad Honda Owner....

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    Dash and Panel in Great Shape

    Any Advice?

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    Re: I thought I had a winner but now I need a Transmission

    Dont know why no one responded to you. I know im late. Found this through a search. Dont Know what you've done with the car but I'd take it to a transmission shop for a rebuild or possibly a junkyard /ebay for a used transmission and get it rebuilt.

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    Re: I thought I had a winner but now I need a Transmission

    On an '85, you may only need a speed sensor.

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