What's happening, forum
I'm Cheeki, not a fan of my real name, as I'm kinda the black sheep in my Italian/Asian family, so Cheeki or JW is what I go by usually.
I'm really excited to get into the whole tuning scene as a whole, and will be inheriting an old manual hatch from an old mechanic friend. Originally, I was supposed to get my great grandpas pristine auto sedan with a B20 swap, but the neighbours we loaned it to basically destroyed it trying to work on it, but I'm happy to have a third pedal and door here pretty soon. I've always loved old JDM cars, and after I build up this as a reliable daily and roll race monster (got a ton of cocky street racers that race behind my house), I'll be purchasing an FC3S RX-7 as my weekend, touge run car. Soon, I'll be enrolling in a mechanical engineering program at my school alongside my other focus, and will be teaching in Japan in about a year and a half (I'll bring back some gnarly JDM parts and maybe a Z10 soarer ) and seeing my family out there. I hope I learn a lot on my 3geez journey, and I look forward to acquainting myself with the users and tuners of this forum.
I got some plans for the hatch that I'll detail when I have it.
Much love.