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Thread: Hello World

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    Hello World

    Well I’ve been looking for a clean 2G or 3G Accord hatchback for a few years now. Been nostalgic for them ever since we sold our ‘82 LX hatch in 1986 (I was only 5). Just love those cars.

    Finally found a very clean 1986 LXi Automatic hatchback in Virginia and had it delivered to me in Oklahoma. 111k miles. “Rough” idle when in drive in certain temp situations - with or without the AC running - idling at 750-850 rpm warm and in drive - seems to be a very common problem. Smooths our in neutral or park or when off the brakes. Good enough for now though. No sun fade, no accidents, interior is very nice with very little wear. Just love this car.

    Work done so far:
    -Replaced all motor mounts
    -Belts, timing belt, and water pump replaced
    -Brakes serviced and fluid changed
    -Rotate/balanced tires
    -Fuel filter changed
    -Lubed speedometer cable
    -Transmission fluid change

    Wish list:
    Hope to find a good original LXi radio
    Repair pulling seam on the corner of the driver side seat back
    Replace speakers
    Eventually solve the rough/vibrating dash idle.

    I also own a 2019 Accord Touring 2.0T but that’s a gen 10 and not a topic for this forum I love Accords and owned 2011 and 2017 V6 coupes as well.

    Happy to be here to discuss classic accords and get some help in future projects.


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    Re: Hello World

    Welcome great looking car.

    I bet the 2.0T is a pretty good car too.
    1988 Lxi owner since August 1995
    336k miles running strong!
    Now running E85.

    My Acura Type R front brake thread

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    Re: Hello World

    She's a beaut! Welcome!!

    "I like to take hammers, and just break stuff, just break stuff." - Beavis

    1989 Honda Accord LX-i Coupe, 220k miles, MT swap, rear disc swap

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    Re: Hello World

    WOW, very nice find. That is clean, even the hubcaps are in good shape.

    If you solve the rough idle, the dash vibrating will mostly go away.

    1988 Honda Accord LSDX-I

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    Re: Hello World

    Very clean car!
    one day I'll return.

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