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Thread: New to me 1988 LXi Sedan

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    New to me 1988 LXi Sedan

    Purchased my old champ little while ago and itís undergone a good bit since I got it. Had timing belt, water pump, coolant hoses, and a couple gaskets done a little bit ago. Has 161,000 miles on it so Iím hoping itíll last a long time and not have to chase too many electrical gremlins. It started out as a t boned dark blue color, then was a mismatched dark blue and light blue, and now is sitting at a classic glossy red from a rattle can (used 32 cans of paint to try and do it somewhat right lol). Just doing things here and there. Not sinking a lot of cash as I bought it for 500 bucks but kinda want to make it last.

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    Re: New to me 1988 LXi Sedan


    There great cars. I think you will really enjoy yours for years to come.
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    Re: New to me 1988 LXi Sedan

    Welcome! Post pics!

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