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Thread: Juggalo88Accord Project Thread

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    Juggalo88Accord Project Thread

    Wuddup guys its been awhile. I got the old accord back a few days ago it has been sitting for the last 4 years and been broken into a couple of times now its time for the resurrection. I thought the car was long gone turns out my grandparents stored it for me all it took was a new battery oil and replacing plug wires that mice had eaten and it fired up and drove home pics coming soon

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    Re: Juggalo88Accord Project Thread

    Welcome back

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    Re: Juggalo88Accord Project Thread

    Thank's a lot to the grandparents that is..
    Get her cleaned up and rejoy a really nice ,well driving car,made when cars gave a real driving experience,instead of being computers on wheels with no soul whatsoever, like nowadays.


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