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Thread: '86 Aerodeck EX-2.0i

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    Re: '86 Aerodeck EX-2.0i

    Quote Originally Posted by conozo View Post
    So my car is pretty rusty and i notice the body twist mostly when going slowly over big bumps diagonally or turning up a steep road. I can hear the rubber seals in the doors move. Similar rust repair is due on mine like yours, i am taking note of every spot you repair and how.
    Huh, i need to pay attention to that when I get my coilovers installed.

    Shoot me a message if I can help you with the rust repairing.

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    Re: '86 Aerodeck EX-2.0i

    Finally got started on some fun things for the aerodeck!

    I ordered some things from rockauto and I bought a new set of floor mats. The car has had these blue, universal mats since forever and didn't fit right. The new ones made the interior feel super nice.

    '86 Aerodeck EX-2.0i-img_4252-jpg

    Replaced the old cracked tail light. Super satisfying.

    Old on top, new on the bottom

    '86 Aerodeck EX-2.0i-img_20210425_145531[1]-jpg

    '86 Aerodeck EX-2.0i-img_20210425_145407[1]-jpg

    Thats better

    '86 Aerodeck EX-2.0i-img_4254-jpg

    Also, my gf has named the car "Coi", you can see why. While very cute, i don't like the look of that destoyed decal.

    This charamel wheel worked great! Just make sure to keep moving it around, you don't want to get it to hot (apparently)

    '86 Aerodeck EX-2.0i-img_4259-jpg

    Decent. I have a new decal ready but I need to repaint the rear end first. The paint is shot and there are a few rust bubbles i need to get rid of before.

    '86 Aerodeck EX-2.0i-img_4260-jpg

    And I replaced the rear speakers (old on the left, new on the right). It didn't make as much of a difference as I hoped for. I'm guessing they dont sound as good as they could because they dont have a decent box to sit in. The front ones sound pretty good, but they have the entire door for a box. I think i'm going to try to fit the 6,5" in the doors to see if that does anything.

    I hope that the amp i have will make the sound a bit better. From what i have heard it's a big improvement. And I have some old random little subwoofer i think i'm gonna throw in aswell.

    '86 Aerodeck EX-2.0i-img_20210425_172108[1]-jpg

    Bonus pic of my and my co-driver

    '86 Aerodeck EX-2.0i-img_20210430_201951[1]-jpg
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    Re: '86 Aerodeck EX-2.0i

    In my opinion you need a nice condition "COI" decal. Cool stuff!

    If I ever get around to doing some body work on my Accord, which it needs as much as yours but I'm less capable, I want to make a badge that says "LeXi" and name it that.

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