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Thread: '86 Aerodeck EX-2.0i

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    '86 Aerodeck EX-2.0i

    This is my newly acquired 1986 Honda Accord Aerodeck. My grand father bought this car back in 2002 and drove it sparingly up until he died. In 2016 my uncle bought i to teach his kids to drive, but that didn't happen and it was left sitting for the most part. He recently retired and lost the parking spot where he had it parked so he needed to sell it. I always thought it was a cool car (mostly for the pop-up headlights) and I figured it would be cool if granddads car could stay in the family. So i bought it!

    1986 Honda Accord Aerodeck EX-2.0i. A20, fuel injection, 5-speed, electric, windows, electric mirrors, electric sun roof, heated seats and non working 4wheel alb.

    The plan for the car so far is:
    sercive and inspection
    a good polish and make the trim look good again
    clean the interior
    fix the rust in the rear arches and right front fender
    fix the few dings there are
    get some yellow fog lights instead of the trashed driving lights that are on now

    I might get some lowering springs and other wheels but I don't know yet. It depends on what i come across

    This is it. Red, aerodeck. As you can see, my username is very, very clever.

    Gave it a well needed wash

    I am changing the oil and filer, airfiler and sparkplugs tomorrow. I have inspection booked for friday and then hopefully i can start polishing on saturday
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    Re: '86 Aerodeck EX-2.0i

    Very nice looking Aerodeck, certainly appears better than mine. My suggestions would just be removing the ugly tow hitch and cleaning up those wheels. And I agree on the unsightly driving lights needing some kind of change. Also, that antenna on the back is curious. Welcome to the forums! I'm rather new here as well.

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    Re: '86 Aerodeck EX-2.0i

    Great looking car in red.

    Its nice that you got something that has been in your family!
    1988 Lxi owner since August 1995
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    Now running E85.

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