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Thread: f20c 86 accord hatch

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    f20c 86 accord hatch

    So im sure you guys have heard it before and mounting the motor in the rear is the most cost efective way to do it but I do want to make my 86 accord hatch a true rwd. Being that its honda id perfer to stay with honda so why not the ap1 s2k.Lookin for possitive input and ideas of how to do this mainly to bounce ideas back and forth. See I love the s2k but being a family guy now id love to be able to bring my kids with so thats why im going this the ae86 but I want a s2000 cause its honda but its got no back seats so now the 86 accord hatch has back seats and in looks is similar to the ae86 so I love it already plus its got pop ups haha. But its fwd so that needs to be remedied.Now my first idea was to cut out the floors of the two cars and do a body swap but after researching the two the 86 is a couple inches longer then the s2k so unless I cut the middle and stretch it but the s2k has a x frame and I dont know how well it would cut and weld but it mite be fine. The seond option was just cut the rear crosmember out of both cars and weld it in and then youd have all the mounting brackes needed but still the two probobly wont match to well and I do want it to look clean and fairly stock to the look. That being sead still brings me back to a body swap and frame stretch. The other way is to mod a front sub frame to mount the motor and still use stock steering and suspension and take the s2k diff and rear hubs with cv's and make a frame that everything bolts up to and still bolts to the stock holes on the accord thus possibly no cuting to the car at all and all could be unbolted and replaced with stock internals in ever needed.These are the thaughts iny head for doing this. If they can make a teg and civic a true s2k then I can make my hatchi one too. I havnt found one yet cause either no one wants to spend the money and time doing it or they dont like the car. Well I love it and im going to do this no matter what people say. This car will be a rwd in time. Thats why id love to bounce some ideas around and see what others think of. Creative minds are what built the world were in and look what we can do now.So lets hear what you got in your heads.

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    Re: f20c 86 accord hatch

    hahaha funny, I was starting to think about it too. I know someone who was buying smashed S2000 before. I'll check in the spring if he still do some and if he have some rear subframe laying around.

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    Re: f20c 86 accord hatch

    Love the inspiration but I think you would lose the backseat with a rwd subframe, if you want an inline in the front then you'll lose much of the firewall and footboard.
    Definately will take a bit of forethought to engineer.
    I personally could imagine one of those 5 cyl Acura TL bodies being S2000'd up

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    Re: f20c 86 accord hatch

    looks up vector. he did a F22 swap and now a H22 rwd set up.

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    Re: f20c 86 accord hatch

    Nice looking hatch!

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