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Thread: PROJECT , Rear Wheel Drive Accord

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    Re: PROJECT , Rear Wheel Drive Accord

    That's it, his thread on hear is much more elaborate.
    -My Car thread

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    Re: PROJECT , Rear Wheel Drive Accord

    mother of all things have I missed that project?

    Here's the 3geez thread
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    Re: PROJECT , Rear Wheel Drive Accord

    Hey guys I love this post, I have a 88 accord lxi hatch myself, I wanna do a RWD or AWD transfer but I'm a noob to honda (pretty decent mechanic on fords n chevys 5+ yrs under my belt) but I've never done big jobs like engines trannys cept for pulling and placing, if anyone knows a good JDM or good stock honda setup for RWD or AWD something with better power than a 2.0 I was thinking of.doing a chevy 4.3 Zvincode Vortec but I'm not sure if it would fit.
    Thanks for any and all responses

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