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Thread: 1987 LXI Accord Hatchback For Sale in Portland, OR

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    1987 Accord LXi Hatchback

    1987 LXI Accord Hatchback For Sale in Portland, OR

    Hey everyone, I have an 87 hatch LXi, automatic for sale. Currently it's not running due to a cooling problem and some blown gaskets, so I'm selling it as a parts or project car. The bonus is, it is still registered through December. Car is blue with a white hatch pulled from a donor.

    Asking 400$ obo. It's yours with plates and a title. Just under 300k miles on it.

    I'd love for it to go to a happy Honda home or get modified, hope someone in the PNW is interested. Reply or PM me if you want some pictures, I can text or email them to you.

    Edit: All sold, thread is closed.
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    Re: 1987 LXI Accord Hatchback For Sale in Portland, OR

    Dang, wish I could save them all. I'm nearby but can't swing the cash nor do I have room for it. Hope it makes it to a good home!

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