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    Arrow Lighting Audio

    does anyone know alot about lightning audio?? i ordered some 12's that should have been here by now but they still arn't here (damn postal service). on some people said they are alot better than their price makes them out to be (i got 2 12's and a box for $100)

    ill post how good they are when they get here but i still dont have a good amp. the only amp i have is a cheap ass 80w amp that was given to me.

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    well i do know that they have magnets the size of my 6X9's... im not shur of what a good magnet does, somthin to do with the VC... but, on nice and powertaking subs, the magnet is huge! i can hook u up with a nice cheap amp that will push those no problem... just PM me


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    Magnet size effectively means nothing. It really cannot be compared to the voice coil size or anything like that... a lot of cheap companies make huge magnets to fool people into buying them.

    Lightning Audio isn't terrible (It's no pyramid or rockwood) but they are nothing more than the bottom of the entry-level-sub barrel. With 80 watts (40 going to each??) you'll probably hear more low notes, but you won't feel much of anything as far as "punch" goes.

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    Theyre not bad for what you paid, They cant take alot of power (more than 150 or so watts) but a good deal if you just want a little bass. If you want really good subs youll be paying like almost $150-250 a sub... BTW you need a better amp
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    whoa.... only 80w for an amp???
    wellz, i know that kenwood has a cheap one that has 350w for a low price. around 150 i think? it's no RF or MTX but it should be way better than ur 80w.

    basically, if u want some decent boom, start with a decent deck (JVC,pioneer, kenwood, panasonic, etc..) then work ur way up from there to a better amp, speakers, then sub.

    my buddy that had lightning audio told me that they pretty good. they should be better than the jensens i have running right now.
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