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Thread: Warm Start Carb Idle Issue Solved.

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    Warm Start Carb Idle Issue Solved.

    I've had quite a few carbureted Hondas now, everyone one has had the 'bouncy idle at warm start' issue, which is even worse when ambient temperatures are high.
    I've diligently tested or replaced and parts I can think of in search of the cure, once on an 86 Accord I solved the problem by grounding the carburetor computer temperature sensor to the frame with a wire.
    (This will only work on the 86, other years did not have the simple 2 option thermo resister).

    Yesterday on my 88 Accord, I removed the carpets to wash them. To do this I had to remove the Carburetor computer and ground wire from below the drivers side seat.

    I cleaned up the ground and bolted it directly to the frame (instead of bolted to frame through computers metal bracket).

    Warm start issue completely cured!
    idles much smoother at 1k rpm (high elevation), also I've noticed much better acceleration.

    The connection had some gunk between bracket and frame.

    I'd recommend everyone with a Carb'd Honda does this right away as every carbureted Honda has idle issues so mysterious that 30 years couldn't solve the issue.
    It's the only ground wire I never cleaned up or replaced.

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    Re: Warm Start Carb Idle Issue Solved.

    Hi, Iīm new to 3geez. I have a problem, maybe you can help me. I have a 1987 accord lx, A20A1 engine with a 32/36 weber carb (K28 kit). The car runs perfect in the morning. When it warms up, i turn it off and start it back again, it starts fast BUT when itīs warm and i turn it off for about 25 minutes it is very hard to start it back again.

    Does this has something to do with the ground wire? (I donīt think so, because itīs not the original carb)


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    Re: Warm Start Carb Idle Issue Solved.

    Closing dupe thread.

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