this seems to be my second time posting this as the first post didn't go through or something so i guess this is my first post technically. Hello 3geez members and guest. I tried to replace the pcv valve on my 89 accord lx sedan and when i pulled the old valve off, the top half broke off. I tried my best to remove the bottom half without having too many plastic bits fall into the hose below which i believe leads to a breather box or something. As i was getting the new pcv valve open,my dad tried to remove the rest of it which he did but the top of the hose (or what i assume to be the end of the hose) sort of got destroyed as it was really brittle from old age. My question being, Is the place where the pvc valve sits the end of a hose/ special hose or is it just a rubber grommet of some sort? if it a hose, should i just skip the hassle of replacing it and do a pcv delete? i would really appreciate some help as i need my car for work and school. also would it be okay to drive the car a couple feet with the new pcv valve sitting loose in there for a couple of blocks like maybe 5 blocks or so?