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Thread: 1980 Carpet Replacement

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    1980 Accord Carpet Replacement

    I've been doing some searching around the internet and I haven't been able to find anything other than going to an interior shop and having them make a new one. Although there are not any for the late 1geez, I found some for the early 2geez. I know there are minor exterior changes, but the interior seems to have stayed relatively the same. Is this true and would it fit/ are there any recommendations for a place to look? Thanks.
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    Re: 1980 Accord Carpet Replacement

    i've restored the carpet on my 80 to brand new condition, although it wasn't too bad when i got it - it comes out it little pieces, it's not all 1 big carpet - there are 2 separate mats for the front seat floors and 2 more for the rear, and they're easy to pull out - after that they;re pretty small and you can hand wash them with a brush and sun dry them extensively - i did it in the california sun this summer, so you might need to find a better way to dry them out thoroughly.

    hope this helps/.

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    Re: 1980 Carpet Replacement

    I haven't seen any cut pile carpet for the 76-81 Accord (I guess they think our cars don't exist anymore).Relatively speaking, the second generation Accord seems to be wider, but the configurations remain the same. I haven't taken any measurements but when you sit in a second generation hatch, you do feel it "grew up" in 6 years. I suppose you can use the carpeting from the 2gee. You might have excess carpeting on the ends but that can easily fold down under the interior trim. You'd be better off pursuing the project yourself than taking it to an upholstery shop. They might not do it perfectly too. I've seen guys here on the forum who upholstered their seats on their own using a tabletop sewing machine.

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    Re: 1980 Carpet Replacement

    I think with newer cars, the carpets are usually one big piece, then it's CNC cut to the pattern for a car and then possibly heat molded to fit the floor. The edges don't have to be precise, because they tuck underneath the plastic trim. Even the 2g has the carpeting tuck under the plastic trim, so I don't think that idea will work.

    The problem with our carpets is that they don't tuck under the plastic trim like most cars. The edges have to be trimmed out nicely, and I'm sure that requires a lot more precise fitmet. Also all the attachment tabs would have to be installed in the carpet to hold it down. Our carpets sit on top of the plastic trim, and I think that's where the extra difficulty is.

    I'm still rocking my original carpets too. I took mine to one of those DIY car washes and pressure washed the carpets with hot soapy water. It made a night and day difference. You literally watch 30+ years worth of mud come flowing out of the carpets.

    The only other thing I could think of doing, would be to take your carpets to an upholstery shop. They can probably make new carpets using your old one as a pattern and transfer any of the plastic bits to the new carpet.

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    Re: 1980 Carpet Replacement

    '81 Accord & 2nd gen also had a new panel welded to the floorpan raising up the centre tunnel under the gearshift, raising the shift linkage to allow for a big Cat-converter beneath not fitted to earlier models, changing the carpet shape from earlier Accord.
    Thinking of cutting some flat carpet & gluing/sewing pieces to form the shapes required for one of mine. Back of rear footwells & frt of central tunnel to firewall requiring the shaping/joining of flat pieces.

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    Re: 1980 Carpet Replacement

    Old thread i know, but i have quite a few NOS carpets (along thousands of other pieces). I will upload a few pics on the Facebook Old Hondas page (forgot how to do it here).

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