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Thread: 80 Accord Rear Lighting help

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    80 Accord Rear Lighting help

    On my 80 accord, I've been having problems trying to figure the source of my lighting problem. When the light stock is in the intermediate/running light position, all running lights that are supposed to be illuminated are illuminated. (All 4 marker lights, the front running lights, rear running lights, dash and license plate lights). Whenever I switch the lights to the full on position, only the headlights turn on automatically. The break lights still work when they're pressed and the turn signals still work when they're turned on, but none of the other previously mentioned lights turn on.

    I've checked all the fuses under the dash and all seem to be in working order.


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    Re: 80 Accord Rear Lighting help

    Sounds like a problem with your switch, based on my careful, seat-of-the-pants guesstimate. Does the headlight switch get warm? Did it used to, but doesn't now? I remember my '76 running warm all the time. My Mom's '81 did the same, if memory serves. I would guess that all the amperage for the headlight system goes through that slender stalk and it has failed. There could also be a relay under the dash somewhere that has failed. It's not a very complicated circuit, so you should be able to find the problem fairly easily. If there isn't a relay, it would probably be a good idea to insert one. It seems like too much amperage is being directed through that turn signal stalk.

    Let us know what you find out.

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    Re: 80 Accord Rear Lighting help

    Yeah those switches in the stalk are known for burning themselves out in the 1st gens.

    Might just be dirty inside too, and losing contact with the parking illumination when it switches over to headlights.

    I'm going to guess it's the stalk switch, and probably not the wiring or anything. It's the best place to start anyways!

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