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Thread: Do you really need 10w-30 for Manual Trans?

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    Do you really need 10w-30 for Manual Trans?

    As the title states, Awhile back someone suggested I should run Synchromesh Fluid instead of the FSM suggested 10w-30. Todays 10w-30 isn't the same as it was with the additives back in 1986, so with that in mind, is it any kind of beneficial to run a brand of Synchromesh vs The usual? Does anyone have any input? I ran Valvoline Synchromesh for 40,000 miles before draining it when throwing in a new clutch kit and noticed unlike the changes of Castrol oil before, the Synchromesh fluid still looked almost new. Bear in mind it came out of a shorter final drive geared transmission that had been daily driven @3,800rpms at 70mph for at least 10 miles daily. Pros and cons anyone? Bad experiences?

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    Re: Do you really need 10w-30 for Manual Trans?

    I've always run Honda MTF per everyone's recommendation on here. I have no complaints, nor comparisons, so I can't speak intelligently. Probably won't hurt to experiment within reason though. You'll learn more by paying attention to the performance of your trans under different fluids than from anything else. Listen for noise, shifter feel, MPG, etc.

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    Re: Do you really need 10w-30 for Manual Trans?

    I threw Royal Purple synthetic 10w-30 in mine when I swapped it. Shifts butter smooth.
    It's pricey but well worth it imo.
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    Re: Do you really need 10w-30 for Manual Trans?

    Syncromesh is something made for GM transmission. Not saying its a bad product I had used it in GM trans before or they dont shift and you go get it rebuilt.

    I use Mobil 1 10w40 just because I like 10w40 and my trans is original and shift pretty well with shitty Clutchnet clutch.

    I think the Honda stuff by price is comparable now
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    Re: Do you really need 10w-30 for Manual Trans?

    I'd just use the Honda MTF. It's been designed for transmissions in mind and will provide better performance than regular 10W30
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    Re: Do you really need 10w-30 for Manual Trans?

    I mostly can't tell a difference. The biggest factor is ambient temp to me...

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