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Thread: Need help on A20A3 mods

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    Question Need help on A20A3 mods

    So i have this 89 accord lxi sedan and i really wanna start to mod it as soon as im able to drive (im 15 so im waiting to be able to get my license) but being young with no money and barely any knowlege of engines i wanna see if anyone can help me out by telling me a couple of cheap engine mods i can do first when i can afford them

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    Re: Need help on A20A3 mods

    Not to be debbie downer but your best bet is to go find a newer vehicle like a civic or something if you want to keep it Honda.
    There is almost no aftermarket support for these cars anymore so anything you do will cost you decent money.
    Cheapest thing I can think of off the top of my head would be a header but even that will run you 200$ or higher.

    Just for examples (and this is no way bragging about money, just an example)...
    My carb setup with all said and done was in the neighborhood of 1400$
    5 speed swapping it ran about 600$
    The ignition setup I am working on is running about 400$ so far
    Header cost me 400ish $ but I did have new pipe ran the length of the car + another 90$ for a good muffler
    Then there's just fixing broken stuff which I dont even know where I am with that lol

    Again, not trying to deflate any dreams or ideas you may have, just throwing out realistic numbers. Just dont go in with the mindset of like you have a 90's civic and can get anything in the world for it off the shelf cause beyond a few outliers, that wont happen with these cars.
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    Re: Need help on A20A3 mods

    I agree simply because of the lack of aftermarket support. This is a good car to learn basic car maintenance and how cars work. Maybe you can get some practice with this car and gain some knowledge by working on it, then your next car when you have money could be one with aftermarket support.

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    Re: Need help on A20A3 mods

    What's your level of mechanical knowledge?

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    Re: Need help on A20A3 mods

    You can play with home made types or air intakes and air box, adding and cutting different lengths and see how the powerband changes. Build your own exhaust from junkyard parts and see how different resonators and mufflers placed at different locations change the sound, build a catch can, install speakers and amps from more recent and luxurious cars in the junkyard, find cheap stock wheels from another model that fits, try to find a front lip, foglights or spoiler from other models that you can make fit cleanly, use your imagination! All information and tutorials for everything are out there and slowly buy the tools you need as you go.

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