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Thread: Conozo's Daily Driver Adventures

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    Re: Conozo's Daily Driver Adventures

    Look on mcmaster-carr, just search the viton section

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    Re: Conozo's Daily Driver Adventures

    Quote Originally Posted by conozo View Post
    The SK116 replaces part 16741-PG7-005 which is what i already have.
    Better worded response from me...

    Sorry wasnt trying to be a jerk. I bought a few of these over the years I have an adjustable fuel pressure regulator. there 1.99 at Summit racing.

    I am perplexed yours isnt the standard "Honda" size.I just assumed all the fuel rails and regulators are the same.
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    Re: Conozo's Daily Driver Adventures

    No worries oldblue. It is an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator but i thought it looked exactly the same. It did not come with its own o-ring.

    Converting from my measurements to inches. It seems to be a
    OD: 9/16
    ID: 3/8
    Thickness: 1/16 or 5/64 or 3/32 at the largest. Not sure what the thickness should be.

    May have found one here at O'reilly - Part 110 NAT
    National Nitrile Rubber (NBR) O-Ring - 110 Thickness is 3/32

    I forgot to give an update on the starting issue from last month here in this thread. I ended up figuring out that it was the igniter that did not like the cold below 32 degrees. One week the temperature dropped below 20 degrees so every start involved heating the distributor, then i started only heating the igniter and it worked. I started carrying around a butane lighter to hold on the igniter for 20 seconds or so and it would start everytime after that. Eventually the new igniter that i ordered and was lost in the mail arrived, i swapped it out and haven't had an issue since. The old igniter was only about a 1 year and was an ebay item.
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