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Thread: Can't seem to figure out why 85 isn't running.

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    Can't seem to figure out why 85 isn't running.

    It kept stalling when i idled so I replaced the fuel pump, both filters, and my air filter to see if that would help, it didn't. Then i replaced the distributor cap and rotor then tested for spark and it was good. I parked it for a while and when i came back to work on it a month later the carb was flooding. i figured that was the issue the whole time so instead of rebuilding these atrocious keihin garbage fires i did a weber 32/36 swap, then found a vacuum leak i missed post swap because of the monsterous EVAP system on these things. I am currently replacing the fuel tank with a new one because it was gunked with sludge and the fuel filter by it was bricked but because of the car's behavior and good fuel pressure i truly don't believe that was it. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Can't seem to figure out why 85 isn't running.

    Get it tuned properly, maybe go down in jet size, and make sure you have good sealing between the carb and adapter plate. Use loctite or lock washers on all fasteners

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    Re: Can't seem to figure out why 85 isn't running.

    All carbs need good clean fuel. Finish getting that cleaned up, new spark plugs NGK and see what you have there.
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