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How's your inspection? Done?
Yeah it is inspected for one more year. Cars over 30 years old only need to be inspected every second year in sweden.

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OG 3G member here...and its been a while since I've posted...

Just want to say, this thread feels like what I would post ~20 years ago. Its rare to get an opportunity to get grandpa's old car, and I think your grandpa would be proud. Keep it coming man, and love where you're taking your aerodeck. Keep it true and do things right.

Hold onto that car. I, like some others, dream to have an aerodeck some day and the numbers of these cars are quickly dwindling as they age.
Thank you alot for the kind words! Crazy too look at your threads and see they were posted almost 20 years ago (when i was 7 Years old).

I should really get some work done on the car, ithas been a good while since I did anything on it.