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Thread: Factory Stereo Connector..Male or Female?

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    Factory Stereo Connector..Male or Female?

    Just looking for some basic info as I was never an audio person and I am quite new to owning a Honda (and anything newer than early 70s in over a decade).

    So, my 86 Accord LXi hatchback has an aftermarket stereo installed. When I was replacing my ex-gf's EK hatch stereo (her stereo was robbed when her car got stolen from her work parking garage quite some time ago). I pulled my head unit to check if it would be good for her upgrade but decided against giving that to her since it does not have any inputs or BT audio.

    Now here is my of the PO's hacked the factory connector and spliced the head unit connector to the factory wiring (in place of the now missing factory connector). My the factory connector Male or Female? I have already purchased BOTH connectors but need to know WHICH to solder back to the factory wires so that I can swap head units with ease in the future.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Re: Factory Stereo Connector..Male or Female?

    Based on your description, it sounds like the factory connector in your 1986 Honda Accord LXi hatchback is a female connector. Typically, the factory connector on the vehicle side is a female connector that receives the male connector from the head unit.

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