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Thread: Finally coming to this point...

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    Finally coming to this point...

    I know this day will come after having my 86 LXi since 1993....

    As my small business of three years getting much more busier, I am working longer and longer hours and not have much time left for anything else (personal hobbies including cars). I'm up every day at 6am (sometimes 5:30), My office rarely closes before 8pm. Since I own the business, I have no official on or off hours. (Some says the business owns me)

    Car projects are definitely out of the questions, my guitars are collecting dust so as my audio equipment.

    Therefore, I have come down to find the next owner of my LXi. The wife wants me to have a car that I don't need to pop open the engine hood (drive a car without much maintenance like a boring Toyota). She is true in the sense that I cannot afford to spend hours on the car instead of spending my time in the business.

    Thoughts ?

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    Re: Finally coming to this point...

    It's a sad fact of business that a successful one will crowd everything else out of your life. You'll be thrilled when you retire though. If the 3g doesn't fit in your life anymore, then you gotta do what you gotta do. (You don't gotta buy a Toyota though LOL.) Best of luck.

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    Re: Finally coming to this point...

    I bought a new type R. It's a large hatchback, very reliable, very fun. Not the same feel as the Accord, but if you still want to have an exciting car I'd look into something like that. Doesn't have to be as big, fast, or expensive if you don't want it to be. I'd suggest a 4cyl Supra, gt86, wrx or sti, nc or nd miata, gs-f, civic type R, 04+ Mustang, s2000, c6+ corvette. Those would be my first choices, they're all great and reliable and most have been in production recently. My second choices would be a civic si (I don't find the ones made after the 90s to be good quality), lexus is or gs400 (might actually be a great car, just might be hard to find a nice example), 350z/370z/g35/g37 (I don't see these hold up well, 370zs are mostly ok and the g37 comes in a sedan though), camaro (how the hell do you see out of these things?), I'd love to recommend a volvo, but that might be a crap shoot.

    Go get a good car mate, you've worked for it, if you can't work on it may as well enjoy the drive

    I don't work on my type R at all, and I'm mostly not upset about it. I recently acquired a 95 miata though, it's completely stripped, but part of me kind of wishes I just bought an nc miata and threw a couple easy mods at it. Itd be just as fun as the civic and I could drive it every day unlike my current miata, they're becoming fairly popular now because they're more capable of holding power and grip on the track while still being able to drive it on the street, unlike the na/nb
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