Hello everyone! I'm new here and not sure where to post this. For anyone in or around the North Florida area, there is an 1988 Accord LXi Coupe gold w/ maroon interior and automatic transmission at the GO Pull-It junkyard. There is a spare oil pan and misc. parts in the trunk as well. The engine (minus the injectors) and transmission appear to be complete and were still in the car as of January 24th. Someone had already forcefully ripped the dash out. It was a nice looking crack free dash too! Here is the info if anyone needs parts before they eventually crush it.
Address: GO Pull-It 7282 Commonwealth Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32220
Direct link to the car: https://gopullit.com/inventory/gpi0284530/

Here is a list of parts that I have already pulled for my car.
Front Seats
Control Unit (Under Radio)
ECU and Cover
Control boxes under passenger seat
Driver Side Window Motor
Front Engine Mount (Between engine and radiator)
Parking Brake Cables
Parking Brake Lever/Handle
Sun Visors
Spare Tire Hold Down
Driver Side Rear Moulding
Misc. nuts, bolts and screws.

The hood, injectors, part of tail lights and instrument cluster were already missing when I got there. Windshield has a crack in it. Passenger side headlight motor is on the driver side floor inside the car. Two of the factory alloy wheels are missing. They may be lying around somewhere though. The other two are on the ground in front of the car. When I disassembled the rear brakes to get to the cables, I kept everything together per side and put back inside the car incase someone else needed them. I also put a piece of wood between the driver window glass and the door so it wouldn't get rained on.
If this post can help someone out there, then my mission is accomplished.