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Thread: 85 Prelude Help

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    85 Prelude Help

    Hello, Iíd appreciate some information on the 84-85 A18/ET-2 motors if anyone knows about them. I have an 85 Prelude base model with the dual Keihin carbs.

    How I modified it to a single carb:
    I put an A20 head off an Accord and adapted a Weber carb to fit. It ran but unknown to me until it was too late, the top end locked up and stretched the belt. Pulled the valve cover and it was dry.

    Iím wondering if those late 80s carbed model Accords have different oil passages than on the A18. Does anyone know if this head will not work. If it doesnít, what would? Iím not looking for performance as itís just a cruiser. Iím looking for the simplest and reliable set up. Thank you!

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    Re: 85 Prelude Help

    Might want to ask around on PreludePower.

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