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Thread: I need some help my engine has a issue

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    I need some help my engine has a issue

    Hi, first time posting here little intro before jumping right to it so I have a 89 accord se-i it was a gift from my father I've had it for 3 years now 2 of those years has been sitting in my driveway one day it was running fine havent had no issue with the car until i went to the store and i go to get in to leave the store backing out it randomly dies thought it had something to do with the alternator or something so i tried getting it jump it didnt want to do anything i got it home and i tried everything to figured out what was wrong it was acting like it had seized up I took the timing belt off and the cam turned fine the crank turned just fine thought I maybe just jumped time? I don't know but I recent got another 89 accord lx-i that randomly shot a rod threw the block the person I got it from didn't know nothing about these cars or the engine and didn't do no maintenance I talked him down from 300$ to just giving it to me for free haha but I saw the opportunity and I swapped the top end of the motor got a new gasket set new timing belt new belt for the alternator put a new oil filter on I put 10w30 non-conventional oil I made sure I got everything I needed in order to do everything right to specs I made sure both bottom and top of the motor was at TDC I tripled checked and i have the manual downloaded on my phone I've read it so many times now so to the problem nobody can anyone please help me out on to why it won't start now just gives me a click whenever I try turning it

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    Re: I need some help my engine has a issue

    Battery voltage first 12.7 VDC?

    The small wire attached to the top of the starter is your key start wire. make sure its attached and good shape. if you have to run a jumper wire down to it from the positive post of the battery and touch it to that small post and the starter should engage.

    A DC test light is very handy for diagnosing cars electrical.
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    Re: I need some help my engine has a issue

    Check the 70A fuse under the hood for any sign of anything at all and replace it. Even the smallest green corrosion can screw with it. There might be a brake switch, or neutral safety switch locking you out. But I doubt it. THe car is running fine then suddenly dies and now it acts like its seizing and wont really crank. That is exactly what happened to mine and I chased all kinds of tails when in the end, it was the 70A fuse. IT doesnt look broken or maybe even it doesnt look corroded. But mine was. I got another one. Not even 3 months later....more green corrosion. It had to do with the style of fuse itself, the brand, and the way our fuse box allows air and moisture in. You can electrical tape up the gaps and seams in the box under the hood and help but I got a 80A fuse that was built better with a thicker copper plate fuse and a more air tight fuse and it hasnt corroded from there. I just know from exp that anything at all messes with that 70A circuit and you wont be running , starting, or going anywhere.
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