My first honda I just got for $600 and need some assistance regarding the fuel situation. After some unfortunate experiences regarding carburetors getting stuck wide open, I will be rebuilding mine before I attempt the first start. My thought process is that if I'm already spending money on the rebuild I ought to just get a better-performing carb. I've chosen a Weber 32/36, after some very minimal reading on 3geez I determined for my purposes that will be the best. Here comes my question: Other than the adapter plate, and rebuild kit for the used weber is there anything else I need?

Side note: I know absolutely nothing about the motor condition of the vehicle other than it was meticulously maintained 10-15 years ago, and has mostly been kept out of the weather since (parked because of lack of use). I'm concerned I'll run into many unforeseen issues if I run in blind. Partly purchasing this honda because I feel as though even if the motor is ruined I could still sell it for more than what I bought it for (am I wrong for thinking that?)