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Thread: any advice wanted

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    1987 Honda accord DX 2 Door 4spd AT

    any advice wanted

    currently have an 87' accord DX that is carb'd and was wondering if there was anyone who knows someone who knows something about it... lol
    Here are the current problems
    (have gotten it to idle better, but it jumps up and down and doesn't like to idle below 1000 rpm.)
    (will die after about 5 minutes of driving, rpms will float down and lose power, try to jump back up but just cant regain power, needle will show rpm of like 3000 but the car is not receiving any power whatsoever)
    (got cylinder three back to about 160 psi, other cylinders read fine PSI)
    (loses rpms when brakes are applied)
    i would like to switch it to fuel injection but how would i start on that??? need help

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    Re: any advice wanted

    1988 Lxi owner since August 1995
    336k miles running strong!
    Now running E85.

    Oldblueaccord <<< MY YOUTUBE PAGE!

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