Hey! I'm pretty new at working with Carbs, and I am currently running into what seems to be vacuum issues with my Weber 32/36 DGEV on my 84 Accord Hatch.
Among other things, the previous owner(s) installed the Weber and ran it stupidly rich, along with doing what is in my opinion, a pretty hack job at the vacuum situation that these old Hondas had.
I was wondering if there was anyone who would be able to help me work through my issues (I will provide pictures on the thread if so) and hopefully, I can document some issues that I am having so that others in the future can reference this in terms of a generally inexperienced owner.

All that I've done to the car is as follows:
New Catalytic Converter / Muffler
Oil Changes Every 2-4k due to carb flooding gas
Spacer Stack (Not causing a vacuum leak as far as my checks have shown)
Carburetor Rebuild (Twice almost due to faulty needle and seat from eBay rebuild kit)
New Carburetor Gaskets
New Plat Sparkplugs
Fuel Pressure Gauge before it hits the Weber

What's been done to the car before my ownership:
Weber Convert and crappy vacuum job (No more cruise control)
Weber rebuild (causing small scratches/grooves on the butterfly walls, also mismatched screws on butterflies)
Muffler Rusted off, along with insane carbon buildup on all parts of exhaust
Broken Wheel Stud
Missing Throttle linkage bolt (was zip tied on when I got it and still is due to me not knowing what thread the linkage is)
Missing Bottom Choke Screw? (Unsure if that affects anything)
Scratch below adapter plate (studs too tight at one point I assume)

Current issues I am running into is:
Weber flooding after shutdown (Bowl not hot), and the primary, but mostly secondary butterfly leaking fuel while idle (Vacuum leak suspected)
The idle screw seems to increase and decrease the amount of fuel leaking onto the butterflies, but turning the screw all the way in just makes it leak more.
Vacuum hose #19 from the vacuum diagram under the hood is not plugged, but should it be plugged the car doesn't start? (Hose #19 is teed off to Thermo Valve A and some other line in original diagram)
Leftovers from a vacuum delete? EGR valve and the Air Chamber thing are still on which both aren't plugged, so I am unsure if it's ok to remove them and just put blocking plates on them.
The choke gets extremely hot after being on for just a few minutes (maybe due to missing bottom screw?)

I'm sure I am missing things that was done prior to my ownership, but that's exactly why I am asking for help/advice!
I have not a single clue where to start with what is left of the Keihin Octopus remains in the engine bay, so I've already got tons of pictures that document almost everything as it is currently.